Mayan Swap
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Swap Tokens

To swap tokens on Mayan all you need is a Metamask wallet. You can also use any wallet that supports WalletConnect protocol.
The proccess is really similar to native swaps:
How to Swap on Mayan
To have safe swap like any other DEX you have consider couple of things: First pay attention to price impact percentage and it shows how much your swap effects price of tokens on that market so if it's high it means you are not getting an ideal deal. Next to avoid set slippage tolerance to protect yourself from arbitragers and market fluctuation. The last security parameter to consider is deadline. If you put this number too low relayer will not have enough time to do the transaction and your swap will be reverted and if you put this number too high you are exposed to market fluctuation. We recommend to set the deadline between 10 minutes and 30 minutes.
Swap UI
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