Mayan Swap


Each cross-chain swap consist of two different type of fees: bridge fee and relayer fees

Bridge Fee

Wormhole bridge fee is zero at the time.

Relayer Fees

Relayer fee is the fee that the user pays to relayers so they swap tokens on Solana and Transfer back the output tokens. You can turn off the auto relayer fee by clicking on the gear icon in the swap UI and setting the fee to zero.
To make a cross-chain swap have we have to commit 3 transactions: The first transaction is the instruction to send tokens along with the necessary info for the swap this transaction will be initiated by user from the wallet and therefore user pays the transaction fee with the chain native token. The second transaction is the swap transaction on the Solana and it will be done by relayers and the third transaction redeems the output token on user's wallet.
Users have to pay relayer fees to make the second and the third transaction happen on their behalf otherwise they have to do it manually.